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Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi for Council At Large in Raleigh


Time for People & Communities

I Am Your Candidate

Politics only matter to people who are committed to something. As your committed candidate, consider these facts;

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines whimpering and

complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas” Shirley Chisholm

My ideas are inclusive across Raleigh NC.. I am a native that has the qualifications and experience to sit on the Council at Large in Raleigh. Learn More...

Raleigh's Top Issues

There are issues that I am passionate about. However, I am willing to listen and discuss what others may feel matters most to them. 

  • Affordable Housing
  • Transportation
  • Employment

Some of my opponents in this race may differ in their opinions. I invite you to join in the discussion via Social Media. State Your Opinion...


I am involved. I am not passive. My history shows you that I get involved with local organizations and consistently attended local events. This is how I have come to be an advocate for inclusive democracy where a rising tide lifts all. 

Participation is the key to getting what you desire. A good community doesn't happen by accident. If elected I will need your input and advice.  You can participate on several levels. Find Out How...

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