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Affordable Housing Reduces Crime

The link between crime and homelessness is inescapably true. The whole ancient reason for congregating permanently and not migrating was a matter of social security. If living together doesn't produce any, humans had to migrate. If there is an answer to one it is the answer to the other. If affordable housing isn't the answer neither is industrialized incarceration.

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Traffic is Worse in YOUR Neighborhood

While it is true that Rome wasn't build in a day, Raleigh have grown a lot faster that most of us have take notice. If we are going to be 'The Great American City' we think we are destined to become, we need to solve our mobility issues.

Transportation and transit are complementary but different concepts. 

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Environmental Conservation is a Municipal Issue

The only problem with Climate Change is that it cannot be solved with one clear shot or the proverbial silver bullet.  Our piece of heaven on Earth called Raleigh needs more attention from it's local residents. The green is what makes our city so pleasant to inhabit! Let's preserve it. The link below is for all of North Carolina.

North Carolina Environment Organizations

Gentrification is Repeating the Sins of Our Fathers

Real Estate Opportunities that create losers through predatory practices still cost our community in terms of the human capital wasted when long term residents must leave town to find housing. Leadership that isn't opposed to progress and is willing to make certain that it isn't one a sided opportunity is available locally. 

The  source of persistent poverty isn't a mystery. Our community can do something about the legacy that protract misery. There are two stories to progress. One tell us about successes and the other about exclusions to the franchise.

Affordable Public Transportation is Good Business

Roads, buses, trains and rail systems are investments that cities and states make in the future of the people yet unborn. At some point deliveries may be automated and we need to be a part of the facilitation of human empowerment. 

Since access is the key to real estate values how will we start the planning that needs to be address with the acceleration of Artificial Intelligence, associated automation and related robotics? Can the people of Raleigh take advantage of the opportunities and retain the social fabric of our community?

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City Policy Decisions Should NOT Be Made in Secret Meetings

The power of communications comes from the exchange of ideas in a open forum. Reason gets guided by understanding. As an advocate of all the citizens, Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi is committed to bring people together and finding common ground for mutual achievement. 

At meetings throughout the city, people have express the fact that they were unaware or ill-informed about various decisions. There are 19 Citizen's Advisory Councils that every resident is automatically a member of. City Hall is open to the public and the council meetings are regularly scheduled. Participation requires attendance.  

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